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To Paint or not to Paint? To Sell or Not to Sell? Card Catalog Conundrum

I've hemmed and hawed about selling this pair of card catalogs for a while now. I've turned down a few offers, and there can be only one explanation for this: I'm obsessed with them. I can't help it.  I've said to myself, I won't sell them unless I got the asking price I decided on, but If I'm being honest, I doubt I'll let this pair of card catalogs go anywhere.  I've always loved storage pieces, especially ones that involve tiny, adorable cubbies.  But if I've decided not to sell them, the next question is should I paint them? If they were vintage, there's no way I'd put a paintbrush to them. These aren't vintage, but they're solid wood and in perfect condition. I've had thoughts of storing my paint samples in the cubbies, and painting each drawer front with corresponding colors. Or I could just paint them in one of my favorite chalk paint colors [how to choose?!]. But the purist in me keeps fighting back.  I just can't decide.  It's so rare you see painted versions of these, which makes the idea of creating something unique all the more alluring.  What do you think I should do?!