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Capturing Light: Camellias in the Kitchen

I took a slight detour from my usual furniture postings today. I woke up a little later than usual [due to some late night brainstorming, aka: I can't sleep so I make lists of things I need to get done], and didn't get around to making my morning cup of coffee until well past 9am. As I stood beside the electric tea kettle waiting for it to warm my water to its precisely desired temperature [200F for my french press], I noticed one of the flowers from my camellia cuttings had fallen from its branch.  Looking  like it had artfully and intentionally been placed [though I promise you, it lay their out of its own volition], I decided to snap photos of it and its counterparts who were still managing to keep their composure. The morning light in my kitchen is the stuff dreams are made of.  It's warm, bathing everything in a romantic glow.  It's my favorite time of day to work in the kitchen, though I so rarely do much more than make coffee or tea and pour milk into a bowl of cereal at this time of day [note to self: start cooking pre-10am].  The photos show the sunlight in this little vignette as it goes from all consuming to a more wistful shade. Light creates a feeling of place. It sets a mood unlike anything else. The fallen camellia can attest to this. Happy Friday, by the way! -Jo