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Grab and Go Eats: Hops Fried Chicken at Ponce City Market

Oh Ponce City Market. You're a dangerous, dangerous place filled with all my vices, the worst of which being southern fried chicken.  I finally got around to ordering the whole chicken from Hops Chicken, fried fresh on the spot. Sometimes when I'm wandering around the food hall, I've noticed the line can get pretty hairy, but it seems to move quickly.  Lucky for me, I had just a couple minutes to wait for our bucket of chicken and sides. But the wait was worth it!  

We opted for two sides, the mac and cheese [something I've ordered before and would happily order again and again!] This delicious concoction is oozing with sharp cheddar and tastes homemade in the best way. We wanted to get the cole slaw, which was sadly unavailable, but the succotash is quite tasty and light [something needed when you're devouring decadent fried chicken!]. The whole chicken comes with four buttermilk rolls.  They're simple yeast rolls, and aren't particularly flavorful on their own, so I opted to toast one for breakfast the next morning with a healthy dose of strawberry preserves! [yum!]

Now onto the grand finale, the bucket of chicken! The staff at Hops was nice enough to provide us with a few different sauces to try, the best by far being Frim Fram sauce, a slightly spicy, creamy, tomato-y sauce [if you've ever had Zaxby's I've been told it's similar to Zaxby's sauce].  The chicken was hot and crispy and fresh tasting. I had a couple cold pieces the following day, and I have to say, they were still really tasty.  I will say, I'm more partial to a batter that has more spices and seasoning to it [just try Publix fried chicken and you'll know what I mean].

The sauces paired along with this fresh, natural Georgia chicken [a big perk in my book] makes this a contender for one of the better fried chickens I've had in Atlanta. For me, continuity in quality is key [something Publix can have issues with- if you don't get it when it's piping hot fresh from the fryer, it's not nearly as satisfying], so I think I'll need to try this spot again and make sure the chicken remains top notch time and again.  Or maybe I'm just making up any excuse to devour more of my guilty pleasure... Happy Friday friends! Looking forward to a beautiful, relaxing fall weekend :) -Jo