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Apple Watch Update: Two weeks in + new iPhone!

I've been trying to get around to posting an update on how I'm liking my new Apple Watch, but didn't want to post it until I picked up my new iPhone, so I could test out some unique features linked to the newer models. The long and short of it...I still love my watch! All the features I discussed in my last post are all still really useful and helpful to my everyday life. The apps I'm getting the most use out of are the fitness and health tracking components of the watch. Unfortunately, when I got my new phone yesterday, I had to pair it to the new phone, and somehow lost all my previous fitness info, so all my awesome running times [ok maybe not so awesome...] were lost! I'm sure I'll do a fitness review post at some point, but for now, let's talk about the other features I'm using!

There's still a lot I've got to explore with this new everyday essential, but for now I'll share some of the other features I've played with over the past couple weeks.

I like keeping my apps on the watch to an absolute minimum. I haven't really explored much of the apps I could download for the watch just yet, but for now, what it currently comes with is keeping me plenty busy! Unfortunately, much like with the iPhone, Apple doesn't allow you to remove certain apps from the watch face, so there are quite a few apps I'm forced to have on the screen, even though I NEVER use them [grumble]. What I have found useful is how I can adjust the position and design of the apps as they're shown on the watch face through the iPhone. Right now I've designed it in a lovely little diamond shape, which appears to be the most organized way I can keep things. And it's pretty Enough said.

Since I've now got my snazzy new iPhone 6s Plus [more on that later], I can now take advantage of Apple Pay! I'm still not sure how often I'll use this feature, but I'll update you on my thoughts  about Apple Pay once I actually used it! My Bank of America card was easy to set up, but another card of mine [oddly enough my Apple Store card] required having to call and speak to a person and go through a series of bizarre security questions [one where the woman listed four different makes of very bizarre car makes and models and I had to tell her if I'd ever owned or driven one of them- I swear one of the cards she mentioned was called a JORT.]. 

Receiving texts while I'm driving, running or working [particularly painting] has become infinitely easier through the Apple Watch. Now, I can quickly send a message without having to stop what I'm doing. The watch is really helping me become more efficient and prompt in how I respond to people and take care of certain tasks. 

Another nice perk I've recently discovered is that I can create my own custom default replies. Some of the standard ones are 'Hello!' or 'I'm busy' but since I don't find I use those particular phrases, I opted to change them around a bit. 

When driving or covered in paint and I can't read what's on my watch or use my hands, I dictate a message quickly and easily. I did notice though, that the watch would always ask if I wanted to send audio, but I really never plan to send someone my actual voice! I'd much prefer the phone to translate my audio into text form, so through my phone, I set it up to always go to that setting.  

I go through phases were I use Siri constantly, or hardly at all.  Right now she's getting a lot of use! Or rather he is, since I've recently change Siri's voice to a British man.  He's just so polite! 

If you're ever at a music festival, in a large park where there aren't streets, or you're having trouble seeing street signs, it's incredibly simple to send your location to anyone through a text.  I haven't really needed to use this just yet, but it seems like it could be quite handy in certain situations. 

Here's a few shots of my new, gigantic iPhone 6s PLUS! I had the 5s prior to this, so this upgrade was quite literally HUGE.  I've only had the phone for 24 hours, and haven't played with it much, but the screen quality and sound quality are leaps and bounds above my previous phone. I got the brand new rose gold color [which really is pink]. I was wanting the gold phone, but the store only had the pink available in the 128GB [yes, I will use all that data because I'm a data HOARDER]. 

My cousin bought me this lovely little case from TOPSHOP shortly after we left the Apple Store. I couldn't believe how expensive the cases were at Apple, so I planned on ordering one from Amazon, but quickly realized I'm terrified of having my phone without a case for even a few hours! Plus, how could I say no to flourescent colored pineapples?! That's all for now on the watch and phone, but I'm sure I'll chat about them more in the weeks and months to come!