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Spruced Up: What my Studio Looks like when it's styled

Carefully curated collections. Perfectly positioned pillows. [say both of those five times fast!] When most people come to my studio, this is what they come to expect.  I'll let you in on a little studio is rarely this pristine!  If you catch me on a busy painting week, it looks more like a Goodwill got in a bar brawl with a Sherwin Williams. Furniture, paint and random objects strewn everywhere. It's chaos!  As much as I talk about how messy things usually are, things have been uncharacteristically decluttered and lovely. For the past few weeks, the studio needed to be kept perfectly styled for some exciting things going on here. I'll talk more about that soon enough, but for now, I thought I'd share a few shots of what the studio has been like. Seeing these photos makes It'll likely remain this way for a bit longer while I work on some personal photography projects, but 'nothing gold can stay.' Soon enough, things will go back to their creatively manic ways.   I plan to take photos of the studio when it's in full messy-mode, just to give you a sense of what things are really like around here!