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Bringing Out Unique Details: Dry Brushing a Gray Dresser

When you paint furniture for a living, it's the little things that give you a thrill. Unique hardware and intricate details are what really excite me [OH baby!], and this dresser had both!  


I rarely have a color in mind when I head out to purchase furniture. Once I get the piece in my studio, the color and painting style comes together fairly quickly.  If I'm at all unsure, I'll test the paint on a couple small spots on the piece, but usually, I know what will work best and bring out the best qualities of the furniture.


This dresser has so many special details, and they would have been masked had I gone with a dark paint color. So I knew going with something light would be my best bet.  Light colors painted in a solid finish can also wash out all the gorgeous details. 


Dry brushing is the paint technique I rely on in situations like this, and it works beautifully every time! I went with a light gray that has a blue undertone. Dry brushing, where I place just a bit of paint on my brush when sweeping over large, intricate sections of the piece, allows the paint to sit on the raised surfaces, leaving the hollows with the original wood finish. 


I still went and distressed this piece a bit with a fairly gritty sand paper, but I really didn't have to do much , since dry brushing creates such a stunning look on its own. 


From a practical perspective, this dresser has got ALL the storage. It's a triple dresser [nine drawers total], but the three center drawers are tucked behind a pair of doors. The original wood was in fantastic shape on the interior, so I opted not to paint it. It gives the piece a nice contrast!


I went a little playful when I was styling it [because who wouldn't want to style a dresser with puppy and kitten pillows?!], and pulled out some of my more colorful props.


I've had this set of travel books for a few years now, but never have a good excuse to photograph them, until now! 


I'm really loving how this one turned out! It photographs so well, and looks even better in person! Like all my other long dressers, this piece will be a perfect addition to any room in the house. I'm headed back to the studio now, so I'll jot down the measurements and post it for sale in my shop soon!