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Bands to Listen to [and SEE LIVE!]: Jared & the Mill

I don't talk about music too often on here, but I just had to share my love for Jared & the Mill! I saw them for the first time back in March.  They played The Masquerade, conveniently located across the street from my studio, and just happened to stumble upon them. I brought a few friends along for that show. The venue was teeny weeny and we were so close we were nearly on stage! [pictured below]. The two shows I've been to so far felt small and intimate, as if you're at a backyard bbq with all your friends. These are absolutely my favorite type of show, since I feel like I get to know the band best this way. Jared & the Mill manages to put on a foot stomping, make-you-want-to-dance performance every time! If you want to get to know the band a bit more, do watch their new tour documentary. You'll get to hear a bit of their music and fall in love with the lot of them immediately [okay, maybe not love [!] but you'll get to appreciate the band and their message and their natural talent for sure!]. 

They currently have a full-length album out as well as an EP they put out earlier this year, and both are on constant rotation on my playlist! They're easily my favorite band of the year [and if you know me at all, I really do care about music, so this is saying something!]. If you're reading this and live in the Atlanta area, I HIGHLY recommend coming out to check out this band.  It's not the kind of show where you need to have listened to them before to go.  Just trust my judgement and come support these guys tomorrow night at Vinyl! You can buy tickets at the door, or grab them online. Here's a link to the ticket page for this show

If you want to see a snippet of one of their more mellow tunes, check out this little video I made!

jHere's the show info [and their gorgeous tour poster!]. If you don't live in Atlanta, check out their website for the tour dates closest to you! And with that...HAPPY FRIDAY! -Jo