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Halloween Makeup Fun: Jem Eyeshadow Palette

Just because we're not little kids doesn't mean we can't play dress up on holidays like Halloween!  I wasn't really in the mood to buy a costume, but I was perfectly content with spending a bit of money on makeup [shocker!]. 

If you weren't born in the 80s and aren't a girl, you might not be familiar with Jem and the Holograms [here's a little taste of Jem if you're curious!]. 

Being a girl born in the 80s, I absolutely ADORED Jem and wanted to be a futuristic rock superstar, naturally. I happen to have a fair bit of clothes and accessories that fit the 80s rockstar bill, so all I needed was a bit of colorful makeup to complete the look. 

I figured I'd test out Sephora's line of Jem makeup products [because of course they have a line of 80s cartoon inspired makeup].  

The good news about this palette is it's HIGHLY pigmented and allows you to create all sorts of crazy, bold looks. 

For me, I stuck to the 'traditional' Jem look: LOTS of pink and purple and glitter. For Katie, we decided on greens and blues with an ombre effect. 

My friend Jedd [who sadly wasn't dressed as one of Jem and the Holograms], took photos of us getting ready. I love being able to see the process. It may even be better than the actual results!

I wish I had more excuses to play with makeup and crazy hair colors [the pink extensions took some work but we figured them out!]. 

I had so much fun playing with this palette and playing a bit of dress up. Our finished looks turned out pretty great! 

The bad lighting actually made for even more 80s fabulous photos I'd say!

As a final review on the palette, our makeup managed to last through two parties and A LOT of dancing, so I'd say it was worth the investment!

Okay, Halloween's officially over [I've watched Hocus Pocus AND Nightmare Before Christmas], so now it's time to get excited for the next big thing...THANKSGIVING! [shall we dress up like pilgrims?!]