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Getting Festive: Christmas Pillow filled Banquette

Surprise surprise…I got into the Christmas spirit a bit early this year! Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll share all the holiday bits throughout the house and studio. I thought I’d start things off with my favorite part of our house, the banquette!

We didn’t have a proper dining space until we added on in 2013.  The first thing on my wishlist was a banquette.  I’ve always loved how cozy they feel, and how many people you can pack in a small space.

Over the seasons, I like to change out the pillows just to give the space a different feel.  Christmas is the perfect time of year to inject all sorts of fun and festive pillows into the mix!

Almost all of these pillows came from two stores: Target and Pottery Barn. Both websites [though I’m sure you could pick up some of these in their respective stores] are having great promotions on their holiday pillows, so now is the perfect time to order.

With any collection of pillows, I’m all for mixing different colors, patterns and textures. Most of these are red and cream based, but each has it’s own little personality.  Some are more ‘serious’ while others are definitely on the playful side [I can’t get enough of the Santa pillows!].

What’s really nice about these pillows is even after Christmas has passed, all the pillows are double sided and have varying patterns or solid colors when reversed, so post-Christmas I’m sure I’ll share some shots of the banquette again with it’s less Christmas, more wintery look.

My very handy mother did a fantastic job sewing neutral gray covers for the bench cushions [which are normally a bright blue pattern]. They just help to tie the entire holiday banquette together.

All I want to do is throw myself onto this pile of pillows.  Yes, I hoard pillows, but I’ve accepted it and so should you!