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Creating the look of Honed Stone Using Paint and Wax: Deep Gray Dresser

When I come across a set of furniture so timeless and effortlessly beautiful, I always want to make sure I’m doing it justice once I take a brush to it.  My continued hope is to elevate the vintage pieces I find, not detract from their beauty.  

For this piece, I knew doing a single color was best, since it had so many unique structural touches, and didn’t need a lot of fussing around with.  

I went with equal parts Graphite and French Linen [Annie Sloan] for the color.  Once it was painted, I did some light distressing and sanding and just loved how the light gray dust from sanding worked on the dresser.

I quickly changed my plan and decided to recreate that sanded gray look using a brushed white wax technique I play around with on occasion.  I used this same technique on my distressed Ikea worktable, and it’s such a conversation piece, I hoped it would translate well to this dresser.

Brushing on the white wax after a layer of clear wax allows the white to become more pliable and visible. I could apply it and immediately rub it off for a much more subtle effect, but I decided this piece looked strongest with a higher level of contrast.

I waited about 30 minutes to buff it with a clean white rag, buffing with the brush strokes. The dresser has classic lines, with a nod to rustic luxury. The white wax accentuates all the intricate details along the curved edges.


The hardware was an almost gaudy brass color, so I opted to paint over it with a light brush and distressed the hardware to reveal  bits of the original brass.  It gives this piece a more contemporary take and suits it well.

The dresser is up for sale in my shop and on Craigslist.  It would make the perfect serving piece for Christmas, a great changing table [the height is just right for one] or a grounding piece in your master bedroom. I could even see it working as an entertainment center. I’m finishing up the matching set of nightstands right now, so those should get posted soon! Contact me to come out and see this beauty this weekend! Happy Friday!! -Jo