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24 Random Christmas Moments of 2015

24 Random Christmas Moments from this year: [in no particular order]

1. Trimming the tree with our hoard of ornaments [it may be one of the best trees we’ve had yet!]

2. Baking an excessive amount of Christmas cookies and treats [I even love the mess that inevitably follows] 

3. Watching sappy Christmas commercials on youtube and properly crying while it’s pouring rain out. [but seriously though, these commercials turn me into such a sap!]

4. Playing charades and getting ‘nonchalant leprechaun.’ Just try and act that out… [no photographic proof of this moment, for the best!]

5. Admiring [and making a few] of the ugly sweaters for our advent calendar [this was really all my mom’s doing!]

6. Watching Love Actually multiple times [on different days, so totally normal guys…]

7. Hoarding a ridiculous amount of Christmas pillows for the banquette [but hell if that isn’t the most festive banquette you ever did see!]

8. Singing late night Karaoke [aka singing along with random songs you know, sometimes paired with a bit of dancing!]

9. Being overly competitive at Heads Up [things get a bit physical and VERY intense]

10. Inventing two versions of eggnog [one with eggs, one without, both with bourbon]

11. Witnessing santa zipline from the top of Ponce City Market [amusing, terrifying, and slightly disturbing…]

12. Receiving my copy of Atlanta Magazine featuring Ponce City Market [and my studio!!!]- BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT!


13. Snuggling up with each of my pets nightly [sometimes one, sometimes all four in a sitting!]

14. Wrapping presents in pretty paper [always with the help of Maggie, particularly when ribbons are involved]

15. Relaxing with Sunday games of Scrabble [with a slightly competitive edge!] paired with copious amounts of tea.

16. Experiencing the drama, intrigue and excitement of a White Elephant party! [sweetened with a healthy dose of GLOGG]

17. Drinking hot chocolate…all day everyday [and now there’s a Snoop Dog song in my head…Merry Christmas or Mizzle Chrizzle? You decide.]

18. Making coastal themed Christmas ornaments with my neighbor [and a heavy dose of wine!]

19. Laying out on the deck with the cafe lights twinkling from above [because I live in Atlanta, and even in December its 75 degrees out!]

20. Putting on a different Christmas movie nearly every day [including more Hallmark Channel movies than I’m willing to admit to…]

21. Running out of / getting slightly sick of all the Christmas movies and switching to binge watching Broadchurch [nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like a British murder mystery, am I right?]


22. Spending lots of time painting and singing extremely loudly to Christmas music [sorry neighbors!] while at the studio

23. Cooking Christmas Fettuccine [because they mention eating it in The Holiday] from scratch…this is actually happening as this post goes up, so hopefully it turns out!

24. Lighting lots of holiday scented candles and sitting in the bath with a glass of wine [okay, so this is actually my plan for tonight, but I’m doing it and it’s happening and it’s going to be AWESOME.]