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Last Christmas Post of the Year [I Promise!]: Christmas Morning + Pets

I know, it’s December 29th, so I’m a little late to the Christmas post game…but bear with me for just one more! I took the weekend off from work and relished every moment. I made myself a latte or three [because I can do that now!], enjoyed a luxurious lush bath and a half day of pure relaxation [not all spent in the tub of course!]. I went to not one but TWO movies [Joy and Star Wars: The Force Awakens…both were fantastic!] and had my fair share of popcorn and Christmas cookies in the theater. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things today and had to share a few bits from Christmas morning.

Between the opening of presents and stockings, breakfast, playing with our toys [well really, the pets handled this part], and lounging out on the deck, I easily took a couple hundred photos! Just imagine your friends who have kids [or maybe you’ve got some of your own]: when they’re little and adorable and it’s Christmas morning, all you want to do is spoil them and take oodles of photos of the inevitable cute overload and sheer joy on their faces. Now I may only have pets, but I’ve got four of them, and the same scenario applies [only I’m not sure if they believe in Santa or not, I haven’t asked].

Christmas morning perfectly shows the love and affection I have for my family [my pets, and of course my Mom, who elected not to be included in the photos!] and the love they have for each other [even Maggie and Watson had a proper snuggle out on the deck!].

I’ll soon get back to the furniture and design and whatnot that’s meant to be on this site, but for now, take a quick scroll through these photos and get a glimpse of what my Christmas morning looks like!

The cats and I enjoy the Yule Log for a bit while we get ready for the great present opening.

Check out this gorgeous wrapping work. I mean really now, we're basically professionals!

Easily the best part of Christmas morning: the investigation and romping about the mess of wrapping and boxes. 

Below sits the tastiest French toast you'll ever have [I speak from experience].

The following is one of my favorite Kona and Watson montages to date.  

Having a brief chat about the morning's events.

Smiles and sniffs.

Watson's tongue though...I can't even. [I know, I'm obsessed with my own pets, can't help it!]

Kona fully taking advantage of every last morsel of treats.

Some of us are a little less thrilled about wearing Christmas bows...

After several failed attempts, I finally got the bow on dear old Jake. But he refused to smile for the camera. I can't win every battle.

Investigating the great outdoors

Why Maggie, what great big eyes you have!

Just a couple dogs hanging out on the deck, no big deal.

Giving our deck dog a kiss.

Get ready for the CUTE OVERLOAD...

Wait, so are we buddies now?

Of course we are, silly! [SNUGGLES...I CAN'T EVEN.]

If you made it to the end of this post, I salute you for putting up with the overly saccharine cuteness of my pets and Christmas morning! I'll keep things mostly design related going forward, promise. Now begins the process of slowly un-Christmasifying the house and getting ready for all the brilliant things 2016 will bring!