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Turquoise Dresser: Photographing at the Studio

The biggest perk of having a studio space is having a dedicated space to photograph my finished pieces. At home, I had to lug huge dressers into different rooms of the house, trying to get the best natural light possible. I could only shoot things first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon, which wasn't ideal. But here at Ponce City Market, there's amazing natural light ALL. DAY. LONG! It's wonderful; a photographer's dream. I also have ample space to position furniture, style it and take my photographs.

Depending on the time of day and the piece I'm shooting, I'll choose to position the furniture either on the brick wall [my personal favorite] or on the white wall across from it [for more crisp, modern photos]. Without any extra editing than what I usually do, I can already see an improvement in the quality of my photos, all thanks to good lighting! I still have more plans on how to improve my photography at the studio. The first thing I plan to do is hang a curtain rod on the white wall so I can change the backdrop for photos if the mood strikes me. But here's the second piece I've photographed at the studio. I think the white wall just makes this turquoise dresser pop.  Check this one out on Craigslist and keep an eye out for more pieces [I'm currently busy working on a massive dresser, so I'm covered in dust and dark wax as I type this!].