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Graphite Dresser: choosing pieces to paint

When I'm out searching for furniture to paint, it doesn't take me very long to spot something with potential. The first thing I look at is scale [is it a size that would sell well?] and design [would painting it enhance the unique style of the piece?]. Then, I make sure there aren't any structural issues and test the drawers or doors. If all works generally well and it's at a price point I can afford, I go for it.  This process can take as little as a minute to complete.  When I see something has potential, it's hard for me not to pull the trigger.

This piece took me no time at all to purchase. I immediately fell for the unique circle detailing on the doors and the original brass drawer pulls. So gorgeous!  I knew a dark color would really make the brass pop, so I went with a mixture of Annie Sloan's Graphite and Napoleonic Blue. Dark colors also do a fabulous job of covering up furniture that's in rough shape.  This one was definitely a contender [just look at the before photos!]. I used dark wax to give it a velvety black finish, and I love the finished product! Since I used a soft wax on this piece, it will need a few days to cure before I can start placing things on its surface and styling it, so my photos are pretty simple. But I think they give you a great visual of this beautiful dresser!