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Styling at Sunset: Another Look at my Distressed Ikea Table

I really do love the Ikea table I just finished the other day. It feels so rustic and gives me so much inspiration to work and cook and do. But it's amazing what tulips [thanks Mom!] and a few clementines can do to a table. My DSLR camera battery died, and I can't seem to locate my charger [yeah...], so I'm sticking to iPhone photos until I can find that sucker. But I have to say, no matter how I shoot this table, it's just beautiful. No filters necessary. I took these photos the other day at sunset, when the studio floods with light. It's south east facing, so the light in here is incredible [like I haven't gushed about that enough already...]. The yellow tulips, the yellow chairs, and the yellow blanket I fashioned as a runner just make me happy.

What also makes me a happy girl is getting to say that ASD at PCM is officially in business! I just sold two pieces from the studio today and I couldn't be more thrilled! I knew renting this space would be taking a chance, but I've been so passionate about Ponce City Market from the start, and knew I'd figure out a way to get involved in this project. Getting to work from a space like this is a dream, and I'm SO looking forward to the coming months. Happy Friday! [and a Happy Valentine's Day!] -Jo