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Process of Painting a Bookcase

I love bookcases. They're the perfect vehicle for organizing books of course, but for my purposes, a good bookcase can hold all my styling treasures. 


"Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you say my collection's complete?" Oh Ariel, you and I are one in the same.

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I could easily fill a cavern much like my red headed friend here, but for now, this seven foot tall bookcase I found at a thrift store will have to do [until I find more bookcases that is...]. 

The previous owner of this bookcase was a little girl, judging from the shelves marked up with things like "girl scout gear" and "butaful stuff." It was now time for these shelves to hold my beautiful things, just as soon as I painted it.

Now I may love my bookcases, but that in no way means I love painting them. In fact, bookcases are my least favorite piece of furniture to paint.  They appear easy enough, but there are so many surfaces, corners, crevices that require tending to. To put it simply, they're a pain in the butt to paint. 

I always start with a quick and dirty first coat, not worrying too much about getting the paint on every square inch [see that top shelf? that's what a first coat should look like]. 

It also helps to paint the under portion of each shelf last, so you don't end up getting paint all over your knuckles.  There's not a perfect science to painting a bookcase, but it just takes several coats to get complete coverage.

Just like any other piece, I go ahead and sand every painted surface with fine grit sandpaper. I also opted for some extra distressing along the edges just for fun.  

Since I had some leftover tinted wax from my work table project, I brushed on wax tinted with Old White to give this fairly flat looking bookcase some dimension. 

Now my ever growing collection of styling treasures has a new home in my studio. Okay, back to an afternoon of painting for me!