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Trying out a new dessert recipe: Meyer Lemon Budino

I love seeing winter citrus at the market, all hues of yellow and orange; a reminder of the warm sunshine itching to make its way back into my soul. [this is where I would normally complain about the unusually chilly the weather here in Atlanta, but my friends up north are quite literally buried in snow so...] 

To tease myself with thoughts of spring and summer, I picked up a small carton of Meyer lemons, a couple blood oranges and a bunch of clementines. Clementines I could just pop in my mouth all day long, but I was intrigued by the Meyers and Blood oranges and what I could create with them. They make any dish sound infinitely more interesting. 

I had planned to form a recipe of my own, but I haven't had much time to work on recipes what with the studio and all, so I went with one I found online. I took this recipe from, and it looked simple enough to throw together at the last minute. 

My only misstep was neglecting to remember I've been missing the whisk attachment to my stand mixer for some time now, forcing me to whisk the egg whites by hand...NOT fun. I'm not an avid baker, so I was a little nervous to try a recipe I'd never made. 

Budino is a sort of Italian pudding [it actually means pudding in Italian] and has a wonderfully silky texture. I learned that I prefer this recipe slightly under done, so shave off 5 minutes from the baking time if you're like me.

What I loved most about this recipe is how light it feels [and it's actually quite light on the calories as well, so you don't have to feel terribly guilty when you easily polish off two servings...].

I highly recommend trying this one out for yourself. It perfectly showcases the natural sweetness of the Meyer lemon without being overly saccharine. I dressed up my budino ramekins with powered sugar and a candied lemon peel [these are a MUST try...I love making them!]. I served some sliced strawberries along with it, but any berry would pair nicely.

Now that I've followed the recipe exactly, I'll go ahead and try this recipe with a few alterations. Adding lavender to the mix would be divine, or perhaps a raspberry budino? Heavenly.