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Fresh Fettuccine: Long Noodles for a Long Life

Did you know today is the Chinese New Year? As a child, I was fascinated by the traditions of this Chinese holiday. My elementary school made a big to do of it [New York public schools, though painfully overflowing with children in the 90s, did do a phenomenal job of celebrating different cultures]. 

We would create special red lanterns out of crepe paper and there was even the occasional dragon dancer performance, where a massive paper dragon puppet meandered its way through the school halls.  

I also vividly remember going to our favorite local Chinese restaurant at the start of the year, knowing I'd receive a bamboo calendar depicting the year's animal.  Apparently 2015 is the year of the goat [here's a compilation of baby goat clips, for your viewing pleasure. Do you think PCM allows baby goats? I hope so.]. 

I was born in the year of the tiger, the coolest animal of all, obviously [well, obvious to little kid me at least]. Another tradition we'd always take part in was eating long noodles.

Well, to be fair, we typically eat long noodles on birthdays, but both celebrations follow this tradition to encourage a long life and good health [here's a list of the good luck foods for the Chinese new year, just in case you're curious]. If all it took to be healthy was a bowl of noodles daily, I'd live to 150!

I'm working on improving my fresh pasta making technique for future classes, so I'm beginning a regimen of making fresh pasta once a week, to perfect my recipe. I'm not sharing a recipe just yet, but I thought I'd include some lovely, long fettuccine photos I took this weekend.