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IT'S MOVE IN DAY! Space Planning

Today is the BIG DAY! I'm right now in the process of signing my lease papers, getting my keys, schlepping a car load of things into the studio and patiently waiting for a mattress delivery and wifi set up. Even though this will predominantly be a work space, it's hard not to treat it more like a second home. I've been playing around with how I'd like to have things situated for months now, but now that move in day is here, it's all becoming so real!  Since I'll be slowly moving things in over the next few days, I won't know the 'final' layout until sometime this weekend. And knowing myself all too well, I'll likely be moving, rotating, and shifting around things for a good month before I settle in. But here are the two plans I have right now.

flats at pcm

The two biggest pieces I'm having trouble deciding on are my tv/entertaining area and my desk.  Ideally, I'd like to have my sofa and chairs all in the main living area, since that will work best for entertaining purposes. 

But if I go with this route, I'd have to put my desk/office upstairs, and I'd really prefer to have my computer more conveniently accessible to where I'll be painting all day. Also, if I have clients come over and I'd like to show them something on the iMac, it may seem a bit odd to take them into my bedroom area. Hmm... 

So I have a 'plan B' where I keep my office space on the main level and move my tv watching, sofa sitting space upstairs along with my bed.  It may seem odd to watch movies up in my bedroom, but really, I'm not supposed to be using this studio as a hang out for friends [though obviously that will happen sooner or later!].  The plan B keeps all the professional parts of the ASD studio on one level, and leaves my personal space more private. 

This option sounds great on paper, but I really won't know how either layout will translate until I have all my furniture in one place and start fidgeting with everything. Which layout do you think works best?  I'm sure there will be many more studio posts to come in the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned for loads of progress shots!