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#progress: Working on the studio

This week I've been a little all over the place.  I finished one dresser, but I haven't found anything else tempting enough to paint, so I decided to focus on the studio itself. I'm trying to tackle a few smaller projects [like randomly deciding to paint these bowling pins...]. 

I've started a few things, but I haven't really finished anything.  My 'to-do list' just keeps getting longer, and I haven't been able to check anything off, so this weekend and the following week I'm MAKING THINGS HAPPEN! [all caps is necessary for garnering the proper emphasis here] 

So today I hung art on the walls [my aunt's paintings...I'll post more about this wall next week!] and actually started the entry painting project I've been marinating on since I moved in two weeks ago. 

But my biggest dilemma is my great, big white wall. Big doesn't do it justice.  It's about 15 feet wide [AHHH] and 18 feet high [WHAT?]. Big means oodles of potential, but potential is what's so overwhelming about it. I'm 99% sure it will be a gallery wall of sorts, but starting it just seems SO daunting. So my mission next week is to make. it. happen.  What 'it' is, I'm still working on, but I need to fill this great white void with something.  Anything.  HELP!  [Oh and happy Friday of course!] -Jo