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Evening Post: When to paint dressers white

Yes, my daily post is casually late to the party! I've been under the weather since Friday, so my whole push to get things done hasn't really taken shape...until today that is.  I was feeling marginally better, and since Atlanta is supposedly getting snow sometime in the next 24 hours [yeah, yeah, I'll believe it when I see it], I knew I needed to get the two dressers I acquired this weekend painted, sanded, waxed, buffed, and photographed. So I put my business pants on [my business pants look a lot like yoga pants...] and GOT THINGS DONE!

I was able to photograph this gorgeous white dresser before the studio got too dark, but didn't have enough time to shoot the other guy, so I'll have to do that first thing in the morning.  But This dresser deserves its own post anyway.  [scroll through to see all the detailed photos!] This was a Craigslist find, and I knew it would work beautifully in white.  How do I decide when to paint things white? It's really not hard at all.  If a dresser has A: really fabulous and/or unique drawer pulls and B: beautiful inset carving details.  If a dresser has both A & B, it's going to be white.  Had I painted this guy in graphite [my second most popular Annie Sloan color], it would look great i'm sure, but the pulls would fade into the dark paint, and the inset of the drawers would be a lot harder to distinguish.  So tried and true Old White was the best bet, and I just love how it looks up against the brick of my studio.

It feels so satisfying to get a dresser [and TWO dressers at that] completely finished in one day.  Now I'm off to binge watch The Good Wife and drink hot tea and honey for a couple hours before bed :)