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Healthy Breakfasts I love: Poached Eggs with Avocado on a Toasted Bagel

***Squarespace, we need to have a few words*** I just realized my blog post from yesterday appears to have completely vanished, no trace of it whatsoever! In addition, the lovely post I wrote about my breakfast this morning also mysteriously disappeared immediately after I published it.  I haven't had to deal with this sort of thing since back in the day before Word had autosave. [worst. feeling. ever.] Even now as I've tried to save this post, it's not properly showing up in my blog drafts. Grumble. This is not how I like to start my morning. Please fix whatever bugs your platform has STAT. Thank you! -Jo*** [rant over]

Today I'm de-staging a house with my friend Kate. This means lifting and hauling a whole house of furniture [far from being a favorite hobby of mine]. But when I know I need to do something strenuous, a substantial breakfast is key. I don't have much food at the studio, but I did have three of my favorite things: eggs, avocados and bagels. These three pair perfectly together, so I promptly poached two eggs, toasted a mini bagel, and smeared it with a healthy dose of avocado. I lightly seasoned it with kosher salt and pepper [though if I had turmeric and some lime juice handy, my avocados would have been a little happier]. This breakfast was nearly perfect.  A couple pieces of extra crispy bacon would have taken it over the top, so when you make this at home, make sure to include it [unless you don't eat bacon, that is...]. Okay, perhaps this wasn't as eloquent as what I wrote the first time around, but the photos are really all you need to know how delicious this breakfast is.