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Little Charcoal Desk: Painting at the Studio

It's been seven days since I got the keys to my new studio. Moving everything and settling in has taken its toll. By the weekend, I was completely zonked [no other better way to describe this feeling]. I didn't feel like bringing more things over here [even though I needed to] and certainly wansn't in the mood to hunt for furniture and lift heavy objects [even though I ultimately did]. But there's one thing I'm really never too tired to do.

I find the act of painting, whether it's a canvas or a piece of furniture [which some could argue are more similar than you'd think], completely relaxing and enjoyable, no matter how exhausted I may be. If I'm stressed out or tired or bored or [insert negative emotion here], painting is a comforting outlet for me. I love seeing something transform, knowing it looked completely different just moments ago.  Once I've started painting, I have trouble stopping until I'm completely finished. This behavior is markedly different from my sometimes procrastinating ways.

So all that being said...I finished my first piece at the studio! It's a charming little charcoal desk with original brass drawer pulls.  Scroll through the styled photos I took [though with that gorgeous original brick wall, styling isn't even necessary!] and pin any of your favorites! It's now for sale on Craigslist and I need to get around to updating my shop, but I'm excited to have my first client come purchase something from the studio!