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A Blue Coffee Table and a VERY Happy Birthday!

I felt guilty about missing another day on here, so I decided to post from the comfort of my bed. After being fed course after course of impeccable food at my birthday dinner tonight [trust me when I say Bacchanalia is worth the trip. Even just once, it's a must experience. Gratuitous food photo post to come...], I rolled myself immediately into bed, with three of the four of my brood in tow [Maggie the cat refuses to conform].

I wanted to do a 'what I did on my birthday post' but I haven't uploaded all the photos just yet and it's just too much effort to make that happen right now, so I thought I'd at least get my latest painted piece up here. It's a storage coffee table that I've actually painted before [well, not this EXACT one, but the same style coffee table] in cream.

I decided to go with some color for this round, since I've been wanting to use my can of Aubusson Blue, and I'm debating keeping this guy at the house, since we're in need of a coffee table right now [I stole our big leather ottoman for the studio...].  I just love how vibrant and dynamic this color is, and it works perfectly with my living room carpet.  I styled it minimally with the flowers I was so kindly given by Trader Joe's today [FYI, do shop at TJ's on your birthday.  You may just get free flowers, a bottle of wine, and the big bell rung and all the employees screaming out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you. Amazing!].  Any who, I'll post this table for sale starting this weekend, but for now it can just be my big, lovely blue coffee table [aka the surface where my cats will perch and survey the land].  Here's to the start of an AMAZING birthday weekend!