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Inside the Studio: Planting Succulents

Succulents. Let me count the ways I love you.  Despite my less than green thumb, I've been wanting to cultivate a succulent [and air plant, but let's save those for another day] collection. My mom was so sweet to buy me a nice assortment of tiny succulent plants from CVS [who knew you were so on trend CVS?] and so whether I liked it or not, I had to get planting.  I picked up some pretty planters at The Collective, a gorgeous little shop located in a bungalow at Krog Street Market. The supply list is pretty simple. All you need is potting soil [nothing fancy and NEVER the moisture control kind, that stuff is bad news.], small pebbles, and I like to finish off the pots with a bit of moss [also purchased at The Collective]. I mix 1 part pebbles to 2 parts of soil [yes, I used a big pot, and don't worry I'll clean it out before I invite you over for pasta night I promise!].  Succulents are just so sculptural and add some life to my space. I'm hoping to keep them alive [they just need good light and hardly ANY water, I can handle that, right?] and take lots of gorgeous styling shots with them!