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Color Inspiration from a Photograph: Graphite and Florence Side Tables

So I may need to clarify slightly.  I painted this pair of side tables with a photo I took in mind, but the reason I went with this color scheme had more to do with accident than intention. 

I had just purchased a fresh can of Annie Sloan's Florence [a bold, bright turquoise], and after a couple failed attempts at opening the can, the lid along with the rest of it flung off and all over this pair of side tables! [paint can FAIL.] So whether I liked it or not, Florence chose these tables!

I took a photo of an old copper structure while I was in London, mostly because I loved its aged turquoise. Copper [think of the Statue of Liberty] oxidizes over time and results in a beautiful green hued patina. 

After painting one coat of Florence on the tables, I went over it with two light coats of Graphite. 

I used a combination of sandpaper and steel wool to help the base color peek through. Using different distressing techniques gives this pair a naturally worn feel.  

It's as if these tables might eventually age to a beautiful coppery turquoise like in my inspiration photo.


I love going with a bold color beneath and something more neutral on top, since it gives a piece of furniture intrigue and interest, without being too overpowering. 

This size table also makes a great pair of nightstands, since it's large enough to house a lamp and your other bedside necessities, not to mention having two drawers apiece.  

I'll be posting the pair in my shop momentarily, but in the meantime, check out its listing on Craigslist!