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Inside my studio: Art Gallery Wall

Happy Monday! Eh, my Monday isn't all that happy.  I woke up with absolutely no voice [I feel like Ariel post Ursula takeover]. My problem is I have a hard time just taking it easy and letting my body rest. I pretend everything is fine, until it isn't. Denial isn't exactly a cure for the common cold.  But there are just so many things I want to tackle today.  Grumble. I've been a little overloaded with emails and computer related work, so this may be a good excuse to work on that aspect of business.  

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some quick photos I took of the gallery wall I have for my aunt's [Sandra Torrijos] artwork.  I learned how to paint from her, and I'm probably her biggest fan. I've got dozens of her pieces hanging at the house, but here at the studio, I put up a series of small paintings she did. Her use of color is so inspiring for me as a designer and furniture painter. Right now, they're all for sale in my shop, but stop by the studio one day and see them in person!