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Pairing a Dresser and a Desk as Bedside Nightstands

I just finished this set the other week, and my first instinct was to gush about how they would make the perfect nightstands in a master bedroom! I remembered reading this post from Centsational Girl last year about mismatching nightstands, and I agree with all her tips.

 I've found that more of my clients are looking for larger pieces to serve as nightstands beside the bed.  Traditional, petite nightstands are darling and all, but not necessarily practical. 

If your room is anything like mine, the nightstand is a veritable second office, housing a sizable lamp, an alarm clock, laptop, phone, books, magazines, a decorative bauble or two, and the ever essential carafe of water [I've definitely mentioned my fear of waking up and not having water handy before, haven't I? Okay, best to not focus on my oddities...].

If all you have is a lamp, then maybe the standard 18-24" nightstand does the job. But having a pair like these would be a dream! Measuring 40" wide and 30" tall, they offer substantial space to spread out all your necessities without feeling too cluttered.

They're also taller than the average nightstand [20-24" is standard], making them great if you've got a taller bed. I also love mixing a dresser an a desk, since it breaks up the usual monotony while still being a cohesive look.

Having a desk beside the bed could be the perfect makeup putting on/hair styling spot if you've got one of those bathrooms without much counter space. Of course, not everyone has room for two large pieces like these, but even allowing one larger nightstand can work, and act as a perfect storage spot.

This pair is a neutral, timeless option for any bedroom.  I changed out the hardware to my favorite oil rubbed bronze cup pulls, and did a decent bit of distressing on this pair [I was consulting with a client who was into the farmhouse style at the time, so therein lies my inspiration!]. 

I'll be posting this pair for sale in my shop and on Craigslist shortly. They can be purchased separately of course, but I'm hoping someone gets inspired to use these as a pair of nightstands!