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Sephora Beauty Haul: Part One

This post will probably the biggest departure I've made on this site, a site geared towards all things interior design, painted furniture, and the occasional recipe post.  I've been reading and watching a few new blogs and vlogs [aka: video blogs], and so many of them seem to bring up makeup or beauty in some way. I felt compelled to share a bit of my own.

I've always loved putting on makeup.  It feels therapeutic, and is a sort of art in its own right [like paint brushes for my face? Maybe...].  Even more so, skincare is extremely important and something I take pretty seriously.  I've been lucky with good skin most of my life.  I think I break out more than I ever did in all my awkward teenage years, and even now, it's just the few odd spots on my chin. Anyway, I could rant on about my skincare and makeup regimens, but I'll just focus on the new makeup products I picked up recently from Sephora.

I'm really particular about what I use and since don't buy makeup often, I'm okay with investing in things that might cost a bit more, fully knowing it will last me most of the year.  This was my annual 'TREAT YO SELF' birthday Sephora trip [they also give you a nice little present on your birthday, added bonus!]. The nice thing about Sephora is if you purchase something and realize the color or formulation doesn't work for you, they'll accept returns, even if you've used the product.  So I tend to over buy when I go, and then return the products that don't work out.  I'll break down the items from this latest haul. I've had them now for a couple weeks and can tell you what works, what doesn't, and what I love. 

[As I've started writing these mini reviews, I realized this will take A I'll go ahead and split this post up, since I'm not sure anyone will want to spend that much time reading about makeup.]

1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser: I've been in desperate need for a good eye makeup remover. My face wash can do the job if I give things a heavy scrub, but it would be nice to have something that removed impossibly difficult mascara with ease.  This product was fantastic in that it didn't sting my eyes, but not so fantastic seeing as it wouldn't completely remove the gunky bits of mascara from my lashes.  I'll have to keep on searching for the perfect product, sigh. 

2. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm [in Shea Butter & Vitamin E and Black Tea & Blackberry]: now that I've turned to the dark side and have started using matte lipsticks daily, my lips are drier than I'd like.  My lips also aren't big fans of any big temperature changes [Hey Atlanta early spring!], so having a decent lip balm handy at all times is a must.  These had good reviews and were affordable, so I picked up two and I love both! I'd keep one in every possible place, so I'm always with some balm. I very well may pick up the rest of the options as time goes on, but I'm partial to this black tea one.  It smells lovely, but isn't the kind of thing you can taste. Win!

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush [in Dim Infusion]: a couple blogs I follow have used this line of blushes and raved about them. I've never actually bought blush before, but all these ladies looked so lovely with some blush, so I went for a light coral color, Dim Infusion.  It's super subtle, but I like that it just makes me look healthy and bright [not shiny]. The packaging is also quite nice [packaging makes a difference, I know it shouldn't, but it totally does]. I don't think I'll ever be the type to have multiple blushes, so this one will likely do the trick for a long time. 

4. MAKE UP FOR EVER Foundation Kabuki Brush: another change in my usual routine [I feel like my makeup choices are maturing, as if I'm freshly entering adulthood] is the use of foundation. I've never bought a liquid foundation until now, so with that I wanted to get the right kind of brush to apply things. It seems like that's what takes foundation from looking cakey and unflattering, to natural and flawless.  So I went for a really good quality brush and one that was on the short side, since I need a brush I can also travel with.  I don't bring much makeup [or much of anything- I've become one of those carry-on only people] when I travel, so shoving giant brushes in my little case just doesn't fly. This one feels like silk on my skin.  It's so easy to use, and really does wonders for making foundation application simple. This little guy I will most definitely keep!

5. Bobbi Brown Corrector [in Light Bisque]: I used to be OBSESSED with all things Bobbi Brown.  My mom bought me one of her books on makeup when I was a teenager, and that was definitely a turning point for me and my love for makeup.  She celebrates looks that are more natural and help accentuate your good features, not wanting your makeup to feel forced.  Makeup should be age appropriate according to Bobbi, and I couldn't agree more. Enough gushing about Bobbi.  My WORST feature has to be the dark circles under my eyes.  They never truly disappear, but I decided to try going for a product with a bit of pink in it.  I've read that pink counteracts the blues in the under eye area, and it seems to be true! It's a bit drier than I'd like, so I have to soften it with my finger before applying. But I think just as matte lipstick lasts much longer, so too does this corrector.  I use a concealer on top [I'll post more about that in the second part of this haul], that's creamier, and I think the combination seems to work for me.  It's light, but still has good coverage.  This one I'll need to test out more, but for now it's sticking around.

6. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation [in Color 5]: Like I mentioned, I'm just now trying out this foundation business, since my skin looks more uneven these days and foundation is supposed to help.  This was another recommendation from bloggers, touted for being light and silky, yet buildable.  I managed to get my color exactly on point without going to the store [this was an online only product].  This feels like just a step above tinted moisturizer, which is what I've always used, so I feel like this will take me in the right direction without aging myself too much. Another keeper!

So six products down and only one return! [this is precisely why I'm not allowed at Sephora very often...] I'll post about the rest on another day, and maybe [but probably not] include a photo of what these things look like once they're applied on my face.