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Two products Furniture refinishers swear by

So although the bulk of what I do and post on my site is painted, I personally love the look of quality wood furniture in its original state.  Most furniture I buy and sell is in bad enough shape that salvaging the finish isn't possible. When I do find something I can save, I always use two products: Howard Feed-n-Wax and Restore-a-Finish [my hyphens may or may not be in the wrong places!]. Both are super easy to use that anyone really can take their old wood furniture and give it a second life. 

Granted, these products aren't miracle workers. They won't make deep scratches disappear or chipped veneers suddenly reappear.  When I discover that magical concoction, I'll be sure to share it here! I just apply the Restore-a-Finish with a clean rag to the entire surface of a piece and it evens out the wood stain with ease. 

I recently refinished a set of mid century chairs at the studio [no, I didn't really take before pictures, le sigh] and the stain was so uneven on the legs, I thought for sure they'd either need to be sanded down and restrained, [sanding chairs is a PAIN, FYI] or painted [less of a pain, but not my favorite painting activity].  But one swish of Restore-a-finish and the chairs were in infinitely better shape.  

It isn't exactly a stain itself, more of a toner after getting your hair highlighted or dyed [yes, I refer to furniture refinishing in terms of hair]. It also helps to hide some scratches. And honestly, I don't mind if a piece has a few dings and nicks, these are all just signs that this is a vintage, worn and loved piece of a furniture. The Feed-n-wax helps to seal the finish, conditions the wood and gives it a polished look. 

I used both products on this lovely dresser and the piece just has a soft, warm glow and suits my living room quite nicely.  As with most of my things, I posted this for sale, but I hope to find more great wood pieces to refinish!