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Inside my Studio: Geometric Wall Design

I finally finished working on my studio's entry space! [well, aside from hanging some additional art perhaps...haven't decided just yet.] What really gives this space a little edge is the geometric wall design. Graphic wall designs aren't necessarily difficult to do, but they do involve quite a lengthy process [tape, paint, wait, paint, tape, paint wait...AHH].  But all you really need is painter's tape, paint [I used samples I'd already had laying around], paint brushes, and an idea.  I sketched mine out, just to have a general idea of what it would look like and how the colors would be arranged on the wall. I omitted only one triangle, partly because it just seemed too busy, but mostly because I was getting fed up with painting triangles on the wall and wanted to be done!

I didn't want to make something too artistic, since this is a rental, and I'd hate to create a masterful work of art only to lose it when I leave one day [though I'm pretty sure I NEVER want to leave!]. I was also hanging a mirror and coat rack over it, so I wanted the design to hold its own even with other objects covering it up a bit. Part of me wanted to do a mural wall because I can't put any furniture in this hall because I'm constantly hauling in and out pieces that I buy and sell, so having an open hallway is an essential!  I really love how it turned out! Just a bit of paint and patience [okay, a lot of patience on my part] took a dark, somewhat wasted space and made it graphic, bold and interesting. It hints at the funky, colorful, eclectic studio beyond and it's something I'd probably never do at my house.  I like to think of the studio as the Hyde to my everyday Jekyll [though don't  get me wrong, I still love color even at home!].