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Juicing for the First Time

I finally bit the bullet and bought a juicer the other week.  I've been drinking juices on and off for a while now, and I can't get enough! The problem I've always had with juices is the price. From some of the local juice places here in Atlanta, juices can go anywhere from $5-10 a pop! That may be good and fine if you don't drink these often, but most people who are into the whole juice craze like to drink multiple juices [in a rainbow of colors] every DAY! $15-30 in juice per day...that's easily over $100 in juice per week. No thank you. 

But I knew juices could easily become an everyday regimen for me, so the investment in a good juicer made sense.  I figured I'd test out a juicer I'd researched about, the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. It's a cold press [aka: masticating juicer] which is the sort I knew I'd want since my goal was to get in as many leafy greens as possible, and these sort of juicers are really the best way to maximize your green intake. Here's a quick comparison of the two types of juicers out there, just in case you're curious about the difference.  

I paid $320 for my juicer from Williams Sonoma [discounts are my best friend!], and then purchased $65 in all organic fruits and vegetables from Whole Foods [pictured below]. My goal was to stick to a budget of $50, but I went a bit overboard by buying ready cut fresh pineapple and clementines. 

Regardless, I'm still shocked by the bounty of organic produce I was able to pick up! I knew this would make A LOT of juice, but I wanted to see exactly how much it would make. I could basically create any juice recipe I wanted with this haul, and I knew I'd have some fun experimenting with things.

I just started juicing on Thursday, and I'm already so impressed with how easy this is and the quality of juice I'm drinking.  I'm making double batches of each type of juice so that my mom can get the benefits of my juicing experiment.  

I'm sipping my carrot, apple and ginger juice as we speak from my lovely reusable glass bottles. I picked these up on Amazon, and for me, they are essential for making batches of juice on a regular basis. It's so refreshing in the morning!  

I'm trying not to go hog wild on juices, since I've heard it can be a little overwhelming for your system.  I'm introducing different types of juices into my diet gradually. And also to be said, I'm not drinking juice in lieu of normal meals.  

Right now I'm just having them as little boosters between meals or sometimes as a drink alongside my food.  I'm still a little hesitant to commit to a full detox [only juice and water all day...sounds terrifying!]. 

So for this is just a great way to incorporate a whole mess of vitamins and nutrients and loads of leafy greens [most of which I'd have trouble eating a lot of otherwise]. So far I've made 160 ounces of juice [that's at least 10-15 juices from your local juice shop] and I've only used about a third of the produce I purchased! We'll see how the rest of the week shapes up, but I already know this was a smart investment both financially and from a health conscious perspective.