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Abstract Diptych: Greens and Blues

I haven't had any furniture to paint this week, and since I have a hard time going a day without picking up a brush, I thought I'd put my back stock of canvases to good use! I've been meaning to put up some of my own art in the studio, so I decided to create something specifically with my gallery wall in mind. I wanted to play up the greens and blues in the other pieces on the wall. If I'm painting without planning things out in advance [usually I like to sketch out a piece first], I prefer to work fairly monochromatically, this time sticking with shades of greens and blues.  I also knew I wanted them to pair together in a pseudo diptych [where the two paintings flow into one another].   A few hours later, this pair was complete and commingling with its new gallery family. The colors make me happy, and it suits the rest of the wall quite nicely, don't you think?