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Simple DIY Art: Coasters & Canvas

I'm still on my art kick, and today I decided to paint a small canvas for the gallery wall.  I have a habit of collecting coasters from bars and restaurants I go to. Usually I like to collect when I'm traveling, since it's a lightweight [and free!] souvenir to take with me. I can't seem to remember where I found this little French bulldog, but I knew I wanted to use it on my wall.  I opted to just do a quick painting on a small 8" x 8" canvas using just three paint colors: red, brown and a yellow ochre to give the piece a little depth.  But the entire painting took me just a few minutes to complete.  Then, once it was dry, I applied some decoupage glue to the back of the coaster [but I imagine any old glue would do just fine]. I applied pressure to it for about a minute to secure it, and it was ready to hang! This little Frenchie looks so regal up against the red background.