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Sunday Morning at Krog Street Market

Yesterday was my kind of Sunday [ok, other than these spring forward shenanigans]. I woke up, and within minutes, I decided to get myself out the door for an early start. The weather was perfect for heading to Krog Street Market [I'm sure I've mentioned KSM before but it's a local food hall just off The Beltline]. We started things off with a latte from Little Tart Bakeshop [my top latte in all of Atlanta right now], a cheddar bacon scone for my mom and cheddar bacon waffles for me [oh and a frangipane tart to go, just because]. Both were divine, though I was more partial to the warmth of my fluffy waffles.  I wasn't a fan of their sorghum syrup [maple is definitely the better route] just because it was too saccharine for my taste, but the waffles were tasty all on their own. 

Since the line for Yalla [the mediterranean option at KSM] always seems to run the entire length of the market, I snapped up at the chance to grab some to go for a late lunch.  My mom went for a falafel pita [so colorful and yummy] and I went for the shawarma pita [not so colorful in my photo, but had the same gorgeous veggies beneath]. My only gripe was we asked for the harissa on the side and not in the pita, because I knew it would be too much spice for us to handle. They gave us some on the side [yay!] but also smeared it all over the bottom of the pita, making the bottom half of my pita inedible [NOOO!]. The meat and veggies were all pretty much salvageable, but I was missing out on the rest of my pita which was a bummer. Next time [because there most certainly will be a next time!] I'll just be more of a stickler about my harissa needs [or lack thereof]. 

My mom bought me a nice little collection of succulents for my birthday [it's my birthday on Thursday, so I'm just considering this to be my birthday week, because why not?!]. But all these tiny plant babies needed a home, so I picked up several great planters at KSM's The Collective. It's THE place to go for all your succulent, air plant, terrarium and generally tiny, adorable potting needs. After hemming and hawing about which planters to get, I got a couple traditional pots, and then some unique, modern egg like planters [my favorites!]. I'll do a separate post focusing on these guys a bit more, but here are a few sneak peek photos of my new mini studio garden.

I needed a day of easy, stress free living and spending it at Krog Street Market was perfect [so long as you get there EARLY- the crowds are a little too overwhelming for me post 12pm]. Stay tuned for my future trips to KSM!