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Vintage Dinnerware: Mixing Color and Pattern

I've been wanting to incorporate more styling posts on the site. I love all things furniture and painting, but it can get a bit tedious to shoot and write about similar things over and over.  I'd love to diversify my blog post topics even further, but for now I'm widening my range ever so slightly.  I recently picked up a few different sets of vintage dinnerware for some styling fun.  

I love the mixing varying colors, patterns and styles in everything I do, and that's no different when it comes to dinnerware apparently! I was first inspired by these beautiful Royal Stafford tea cups I'd stumbled upon. I couldn't say no to these.  It's not everyday I find tea cups in gray and yellow [one of my favorite color combos]. It was love at first sight. 

I wasn't sure what I was looking for to pair along with these, so I started picking up plates, placing them beneath the cups and took a quick shot of them, just to see what worked well. 

The one thing I was picky about was making sure the whites of the varying plates were on par. You might assume all vintage plates are the same white, but they actually can look dramatically different.  Some are almost a yellowish cream, which ends up looking muddy beside a crisp white plate.  

I then found some beautiful ceramic plates in a formal navy pattern.  The bolder pattern worked perfectly beside the dainty gray and yellow. I then found a few different sizes of gold trimmed plates and it just all came together effortlessly. 

Since so many vintage sets are incomplete, it just makes sense to mix patterns and colors together.  Not only can you find good quality pieces for a bargain, but you can also curate and customize a completely unique set for your home.  I could easily see these working for a gorgeous event or even a wedding. 

I'm planning on using these for my studio as my own plates, but I can't wait to put together some lovely shoots using these varied sets. Which one do you like most?