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A brief chat about my day and cubbies

My post today is awfully late because I'm under the weather yet again.  I'm convinced my family and friends [and myself] are just a cesspool / incubator of disease and illness.  I thought this might just might be allergies, but after constant coughing for two days, I'm fairly sure I've just got the consumption. Plain and simple. There's also a terrible storm brewing in the distance, and all I'd like to do is go home and snuggle with the dogs and cats, but I've got to wait here to meet with a client. [a client who I imagine will get stuck in said storm or be frightened away by the menacingly dark clouds, and  I will have waited here for naught.]  So though I told myself, 'Jo, just take a day off of blogging and painting and photographing and moving furniture around' I managed to do ALL OF THE THINGS.  Here's a photo of the storm I will surely get stuck in sometime in the next hour:

And now back to furniture! Okay so brief discussion about the newest addition to the studio: my cubbies [or is it cubby? I prefer how the plural looks and sounds so I'll stick to that].

I had initially planned to sell this guy, but I've got a few storage issues to deal with here at the studio, so I wanted to see if there was a better use for it here....and there is!

Meet my new shoe storage system!  I've got a few closets here, but all of them are used for very specific purposes, and none of them have room for any shoes. Each individual cubby can hold my shoes quite nicely.  The extra high heels I've just turned on their side, which works just fine.  

I've literally had the shoes just thrown about in random parts of the studio, and I never seem to be able to find both halves of a pair, so I'm hoping now this will provide a functional spot for my shoes [and for guests if they wanted to get extra cozy over here]. Maybe this isn't the most riveting discussion, but finding storage / organization solutions is always something I enjoy doing. Not sure what this all says about me...hmm.