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Perks of Ponce City Market + an Update

I share photos of my studio all the time [or rather, the furniture in my studio], but I forget to talk about the perks of living at Ponce City Market. The staff here is just wonderful [I mean seriously friendly people] and the leasing office provides us with all sorts of little treats. The other day there was a care package at my door: an eco friendly lunch sack filled with salties and sweets and coupons, among other things.  They also provided us with an awesome scavenger hunt for the neighborhood [still need to complete it since I've been pretty useless for a few days]. We also get to taste food from all the different purveyors who will have restaurants or stalls here. A personal favorite is the Honeysuckle Gelato that manages to be at almost every event [YAY!]. I could really use some ice cream to soothe my miserable throat right about now...feel free to bring me some :) [but seriously...]

Tonight there's a dinner for us to sample food from Farm to Ladle [couldn't find their page, so here's a directory of what will be opening at PCM], a place I'll be sure to frequent [I've already tried a few bits and they've all been yummy]. Sadly, I may have to miss out on tonight because I can't manage to have a normal conversation, since I inevitably start coughing when I try to speak more than a sentence, but I'm looking forward to more foodie perks to come! 

I've also been awful and haven't taken advantage of all the free fitness classes that are available to us! There's boot camps and yoga and yeah, I'll get on that the meantime I'll just ogle this gorgeous view from one of my windows [of course that's not today's view as it has decided to rain for an entire least I'm not missing any terribly beautiful weather while I'm under the weather...]. 

In other news, I just found this fly through video of what PCM will look like in the near future.  This was made a while ago, but I can actually see how so much of this rendering has already come to fruition. This video has me even more pumped for the future of this place! It's a bit long and there isn't any sound [maybe play some kind of fun space-y music while you're watching, like the theme song to Star Wars], but it gives you a good sense of the flow and feel of PCM. Also, if you were ever a fan of SIMS! [I spent way too much time building my own little towns and cities and homes on that game, I wonder if that's how I first got into design in the first place...hrm...] Okay, back to sipping copious amounts of tea.