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Don't Go Shopping at CVS While You're Sick, and other stories

Today, the most productive thing I did was get my hair done [chopped 5" off this time, AHH]. After hours spent at the salon, I was starving and delirious and all I could think of was eating ramen and Luden's cherry cough drops. The ramen reminds me of when I was little and my grandmother would watch me while my mom was at work.  We would always watch The Golden Girls, The Price is Right [in that order] and somewhere in a heap of wonderful mid 80s/early 90s TV, she'd make me a grape jelly sandwich [crustless of course and no peanut butter just yet...I was INSANELY picky] and a bowl of ramen for lunch.

The Luden's were basically a common currency in elementary school [later on I graduated to the harder drug of choice, Altoids]. I'd just pop Luden's [no throat issues necessary] all day long, sharing them with my favorite friends and whichever boy I liked [I never had that 'boys are gross' phase].  All I've done is drink cup after cup of tea and literally gallons of water. I needed sustenance. So to CVS I went, making many bad decisions throughout the store.  I took a photo of the food purchases I made [I won't even share with you the damage I did in the beauty aisle...], and this is a clear representation of all my guilty pleasures heaped into one shopping trip [of course I changed things up and opted for alfredo sauce instead of the usual mac and cheese- it seemed like a more 'grown up' choice haha]. The best purchase by far was the Haagen Dazs sea salt caramel gelato.  My throat is infinitely grateful for it. Anyway, I thought I'd post about my day and my shameful purchases. [and maybe I'll share some Luden's with you...maybe..]. Happy Friday! -Jo