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Playing up Details and Textures on Furniture: Vintage Gray Dresser

It's always tricky when I paint a piece that feels so unique. I get too attached and don't want to give it up.  This dresser definitely fits that bill! I bought this dresser a while back, mostly because I loved the texture of the top. It's grainy and almost feels like leather. [and now that it's painted gray, doesn't it look like elephant?!]

I decided to go with a combination of Annie Sloan's Graphite and Old White to create this mid tone gray.   dry brushed the paint on in several coats.

 If I had blobbed all the paint on in one sitting, it would have filled in all that texture I loved so much.  So dry brushing is an essential step!  

To play up the details and texture even more, I tinted my clear wax with a bit of Old White chalk paint and brushed it on lightly.  

This did wonders for highlighting the circle and line details at the bottom of the dresser. I hardly noticed any of that before it was painted!

I didn't have to do much sanding or distressing, since again, the texture is something I was partial to, but I did sand along the edges to bring out some of the wood tones ever so slightly. I'll post it for sale soon enough, but I may just enjoy it for a few days, so I can style it and properly photograph it.