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Retro Style: Bentwood Rocker

I found this guy over the weekend while I was out hunting for dressers to paint.  I recognized this style of chair [it's a Thonet reproduction]. Here's an article describing the history of this famous rocker. I'm fairly sure this one came from sometime in the 60s or 70s, but the original design dates back to the 1800s! This one's in perfect shape and I just love the sculptural quality it has.  Bentwood just becomes this beautiful, retro piece of art in your home.  The nice thing about it is it's actually functional, sturdy and shockingly comfortable to sit in! It would be the perfect piece in a baby's room or out on a front porch. Can't you see me sipping some lemonade on a warm Atlanta afternoon, just rocking away? [I can!] You could style it up with a pillow or two [like I did] and a throw, or even paint it [love the look of the natural blonde wood and cane, but it would be a fun painting project]. I posted it for sale in my shop, so be sure to check it out, or come over to the studio for a test drive!