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Either or Both? Spring Nail Polish Colors

I'm not one to spend or splurge on nail products. I've only bought three or four nail polishes in the last couple years. But most of the ones I still have kicking around are OLD [vintage if you will].  And apparently nail polish eventually turns into an awful, goopy mess the longer you keep it around. I recently attempted to paint my nails with a polish that must have been a good 6 or 7 years old, and to my dismay, the polish was lumpy and NEVER dried! My nails looked mutilated and frankly disgusting. Thankfully, all my years of hoarding old nail polish will go to good use, as there seems to be endless DIY projects I can do with it! Here's a link to just a few I stumbled upon on Pinterest, so I'll surely experiment with these soon and share my results. So because I have hardly any salvageable polishes left, I picked up a couple colors at the tail end of the Sephora spring sale. I only have darker shades of nail polish left, so I knew I wanted some light spring/summer colors for a change.  

I splurged a little [normally I just buy Essie polishes at Target, but I thought, let's see if the swankier stuff is any better] and I've definitely noticed a difference in quality! I tested out both colors on the same hand, that way I could see them side by side and it would help me judge if they held up the same way [they're equally durable it seems!].  I went with Butter London's Opaque Icy Mint and Nails Inc. Victoria Beckham Collection Bamboo. I did two quick coats on my nails, just to see how well they would cover.  Icy Mint covered quite nicely with just one coat, a big bonus for someone like me who doesn't want to spend more than a few minutes on her nails, ever! Bamboo definitely needed two coats, but seeing as most light or white shades need up to three coats, I was pleased with the results.  Both shades are a bit more on the matte side, which I prefer, and originally I had planned on just keeping one polish, since I don't REALLY need two.

If I had to pick one over the other, I think I'd go with Icy Mint, because I'm always partial to a bit more color. Then again, having a great neutral like Bamboo is actually a smart choice. Since I'm constantly painting, my hands take a real beating and my nails just do better when they've got polish on [polish acts like a protective layer against all the paint and wax].  Having an everyday neutral color could easily become a regular routine of mine.  So either or both? I'm going to have to opt for both in this case [sorry bank account!] because they're both so lovely.  

I have to say though, the Nails Inc. Victoria Beckham packaging is a bit ridiculous.  I had to include a photo of the box it came in.  It makes me feel like I just purchased the holy grail of nail polishes.  A bit excessive and unnecessary, but now it appears I'm hooked!