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My Everyday Juice and some tips on Juicing

It's been two weeks since I started experimenting with juicing, and I have to say, I'm definitely sold on it! I'm just so impressed by how many healthy things I can pack in, and how easy it is to do.  I've found that although it may be nice to juice everyday, it does involve A LOT of cleaning. 

So I've found that juicing either once or twice a week, making several different juices in one sitting works just fine for me.  Today I made four different types [all green this week, which should be interesting...] and all I had to do was rinse the parts and placed them all in the dishwasher.  This just makes the entire experience simple and is a lot less time consuming overall. I think by week three I should have a good regimen going! 

Another tip I've found that tremendously improves my juicing process is straining the juice as I go.  I'll take photos of this and share them another time, but basically I place a small mesh strainer right at the spout where the juice comes out, so as I'm juicing each item, I can already remove any unwanted pulp or foam [yes, certain fruits and veggies give off an odd foamy mixture, which I'm not a fan of].

The juices you're seeing in these photos when combined create a really refreshing concoction I've found I'm drinking most often of all the recipes I've tried.  It reminds me of drinking an iced green tea with a bit of mint in it. I usually have this in the mid afternoon when I just want a pick-me-up and then I'll also drink it alongside lunch or dinner, particularly if I'm not eating a ton of veggies in that meal. I found the recipe while randomly Googling "healthy juice recipes" since I didn't really know where to begin, and saw this one. It seemed easy enough, and I've heard of the benefits of grapefruit juice [even though I loathe it!] so I thought I'd give it a go.    

Minty Citrus & Romaine Juice Recipe

[FYI- always rinse all your greens in a strainer thoroughly before using!] Juice 1 head of romaine lettuce. I just separate the leaves and cut off the very bottom [only the part that looks kind of reddish and unappealing]. Then juice one bunch of mint, including the stems. The mint is what makes it refreshing and a bit sweet, so I recommend about a half cup of mint, but you can experiment with more or less. Then remove the peel from one grapefruit and two oranges and juice those. Stir everything together and serve over ice or refrigerate in a glass bottle or jug.  

Drink it within three days [really this goes for any juice].  This makes about 30oz., or 5-6 servings of juice, so it's perfect amount to last me for about three days. I could easily drink the whole thing in one day, but I'm trying to switch up the types of juices I drink daily.  You can also create this juice if you don't have a juicer by juicing the oranges and grapefruit by hand, and then just blending the romaine and mint leave with the citrus juice, then straining all that through cheese cloth or a mesh strainer. You won't get as much juice, but it will taste just as good!