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Spray Paint ANYTHING: Turquoise Makeup Caddy

Sometimes I just get in these moods where I want to spray paint everything in grabbing distance [within reason of course...].  Spray paint has come a long way, and now I can pop over to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up almost any color I'd ever want.  I can't even remember why I had this can of turquoise spray paint.  I'm sure I had a project in mind, but it's just sat without much use for months. I recently picked up more makeup and things were getting a little cluttered, when I remembered I had this old makeup caddy. 

This thing has been kicking around since high school or college, I can't be sure. Somewhere along the line, the plastic managed to shatter in a very bizarre fashion, making it not so attractive. It was now a perfect candidate for my spray painting needs. 

I did do this indoors in my studio, but I did have a fan going and the windows open, and I've got open spaces and VERY high ceilings, making the spray paint fumes not so potent.  But I'd HIGHLY recommend doing anything like this outdoors, since it's really not all that good for you.  

If you have to work inside, always wear a mask and ventilate the room as best you can.  It just needed two coats, with about 10 minutes of drying time in between. The built in primer in this paint worked well.  The coverage was even and smooth and not hard to do at all [spray painting can be a little tricky sometimes!]. 

This particular brand of paint also does a great job of matching the color on the top of the can to the actual paint color, which I appreciate. Now I've got a gorgeous little tool for organizing my makeup hoarding habit. I also love that something functional can also be pretty. Now to find more things to spray paint...