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Outdoor Living: New Sectional for the Deck!

I've been waiting for this moment for nearly two years! Back then, we had just finished the renovations and expanded our deck. I had dreams of having an outdoor living area.  Our family room just off the kitchen isn't very big, so I wanted to have a space to entertain and also just lounge about and enjoy our little garden oasis. Last month we finally took the plunge and ordered a good quality outdoor sectional for our deck. Living in the south affords us the luxury of enjoying gorgeous, warm weather for a good chunk of the year [okay, so July and August are less warm, more sweltering, but I digress...].

Even when it's chilly, I still find myself wanting to be outdoors, and now I can enjoy the deck all the time! I opted for the low seating option from Pottery Barn [we don't buy a lot of furniture from there, but they've got great outdoor everything!]. I prefer the low sectional because it's much deeper seating, essentially creating day beds [I've already briefly napped on it and it was wonderful!]. I went with navy blue cushions, since it'll help hide any dirt that inevitably will make its way there.  We also purchased a cover for the sectional, which we'll likely leave on whenever we're not using it just to keep it in top shape. Scroll through the photos and enjoy our new outdoor living room!