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What I've Been Up To + My Ponce City Market View

I haven't been back to the studio in DAYS! I've been working on painting the kitchen pantry over at the house, and just yesterday I finished the cabinets and shelves. I've mentioned it before, but bookshelves are my LEAST favorite thing to paint, and a pantry is essentially a plethora of shelving. [whimper] Very functional, but a paint to paint!  I'm probably still a week out from photographing it for the site, but the hardest part seems to be over.  

Today I had someone drop off a pair of old doors they're having me paint [definitely a project I'm looking forward to!] over to the studio, which meant I got to take a break from the endless pantry work. To my surprise [well sort of surprise, I have seen Instagram photos of it already], the GIGANTIC Ponce City Market sign went up! 

They're in the process of putting up the final letter as I write this [right now it's just ONCE CITY MARKET hah] and I can't wait to see it all lit up!

I know it seems like Ponce City Market may never open [they've been working on it for AGES!], but I've been here only since February, and I've just been fascinated watching the infrastructure come together each day.

The rooftop garden my studio looks over is finally coming into bloom. My only wish was that it could be a garden I could sit on and enjoy, but I don't think that's logistically possible.  But I can still dream...

There's the entrance to The Beltline in the far right of this photo. That's the #1 thing I'm looking forward to most!  [please finish it soon? k thanks!] Right now it looks like they're about to plant more greenery up there. I really appreciate the amount of plant life being integrated into the design of the building. It makes PCM feel less like a tower of bricks and more like a lush urban garden. 

Here's my view of the surface parking lot, but more importantly, the spot where food trucks park daily. I'm trying to be healthy, so I've been restraining myself from moseying down to the trucks, but they are awfully tempting...

This little garden area in the center of the parking area has come so far in just a few days! The center will be a lovely water feature, but just last week they began building little mounds of dirt everywhere, and now it's a a gorgeous hilly garden.  

I'll keep you posted on more of the progress that's happening over here, but if you go to my home page, scroll down to the search bar and type in Ponce City Market, you can really start to see how much progress has happened both to PCM and my studio here. This post I wrote nearly THREE years ago is just mind boggling to me! I never thought I'd get to live and work in a place like this, and each day I get more and more excited to start new creative projects in such an inspiring space.