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Summer Color Styling: Yellow, White and Blue

Today I thought I'd style up one of my dressers. My tastes are going more towards neutrals, yet I find in the summertime [we're about a month away from summer, but it sure feels like it here in Atlanta!], I like a bit of color in the mix.  I'm all about navy right now, so I pulled a few styling bits in varying shades of blue. I adore my little collection of blue butterflies, and if you'll look closely, there's one rogue butterfly 'flying' away!

I'm also preparing to paint a dresser in a combination of white and gold, so I thought I'd bring in shades of 'gold' [I don't have many gold things on hand, so I opted for some hints of yellow]. Yes, this is quite the random arrangement of objects atop a dresser [not the most practical set up for a real life situation!]. I just love the mix of colors [blues, yellows, greens and white] and natural objects [driftwood, eucalyptus, lemons, succulents]. This little vignette makes me feel like I'm sipping a lovely lemon scented beverage on the island of Capri. Okay, so maybe the loft doesn't feel quite like Capri, but I do love being here nonetheless!