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One Stop Shop: Layered Coastal Cottage Style

Last week I worked on furniture layout options for a client's newly built home. The home has a great open floor plan, making the design and placement options really versatile [what a luxury!]. The client plans to incorporate different pieces in the room over time, which is honestly the smart way to design a room.  That's how I prefer to work, because it allows you to curate a collection of interesting things, rather than a 'staged' style. But more often than not, I have clients who want to have the room completely pulled together in a short period of time, so they can feel settled and comfortable in a finished space.

So as a fun exercise [yes, this is oddly enjoyable for me!], I decided to pull pieces entirely from one store, and see if I could create a layered look all in one shopping trip.  I went with World Market, since it's affordable design and I find they have a nice spread of textures and colors to work with. For this design, I stuck with almost entirely neutral shades, since I wasn't sure what colors the client would ultimately want to go with. Unless you're absolutely in love with certain colors, it's smart to start off in a new home with neutral shades, and figure out your color story as you live in the space.

 I went with more traditional cottage style upholstery [love the rolled arms on the sofa!], since those are the pieces you're less likely to change over time. The other soft surfaces [pillows, throws, curtains] are the one's I'd recommend changing out to suit your current style.  Right now, I'd go with shades of teal, turquoise, blues and grays, since that goes with the coastal feel they were looking for, and is a perfect choice for spring and summer.  

For tables [and since it's a large room, you'd need several to make the space feel full and finished], I went more eclectic, mixing in rustic woods with industrial and mid century modern pieces.  These can easily be swapped out and moved around, but I love how all the different woods and metals work together.

I LOVE how World Market styled two coffee tables together for a layered effect.  I [not so] secretly want to figure out how to incorporate something similar in my living room...

photo from

photo from

After choosing all the furniture from the site, I went ahead and placed the exact sized pieces in the room, so you can see what the room will look like to scale.  This room can easily sit eight, and is the perfect layout for larger parties.  

Here are a few other options of layouts that were possible. Which do you like best?

Though this client will more likely source things over time and isn't buying everything from World Market, I thought it would be nice to see how a room can come together in one shopping trip.  Everything I picked for this space [two sofas, two chairs, tables, ottomans, rug, curtains, pillows, lighting, decor] would add up somewhere around $3600-4000, depending on the discounts you could take advantage of [they've got some great deals going on right now!].  Of course, $4k seems like a hefty price tag, but when you consider we're talking about a fully furnished and styled space, that's a bargain compared to other stores you might consider. If you'd like help with furniture placement and style choices for your apartment or home, shoot me an email!