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New Hair Color + 3 ways I wear my bangs

I keep forgetting I dyed my hair. I've been so focused on how much shorter it is [and how AMAZING it is to not take 30 minutes to blow-dry it!] that I've just grown accustomed to my new lighter color. I've also learned some new tricks on how to style my bangs.  Anyone who has bangs knows they're a bit of work, but I have fun styling my hair a different way everyday. The picture below is my go to as of late. I can't be bothered to blow dry my bangs all the time, so on lazy days, I do a french twist with my bangs and pin them behind my left ear. It gets them out of my face when I'm doing any sort of exercise or when I just want a different look.  It looks fancy, but it's not hard to do at all.  I've occasionally done the side french braid of the bangs, but I'm not all that good at it, and it takes 5 minutes longer than I want to spend on my hair [what a travesty!], so I just opt for this easier solution.

I included a photo of what my hair looked like pre haircut and dye, which gives you a better idea of how different it is now.  I'm not planning on going crazy platinum blonde or anything, but something lighter and more summery [autocorrect agrees this is a word] is my end game. Next trip to the salon [which will likely be towards the end of June] will involve a bit of highlights, and maybe another step lighter, but I haven't decided on that just yet.  This old hair color was great, but I just got bored of the ombre. My bangs also felt a little heavy with my dark brown hair, so going lighter just made sense. But I do like wearing my bands straight on like this. I feel like a different person, like I'm some sort of stylish New York yuppie [in another life...]. Also, these photos were all taken on my Photo Booth thingy on my iMac, so my smiles are awkward at best...

Most of the time, my bangs look something like this. Side swept is an easy style, and it doesn't take me that long to do, but it does mean I have to blow-dry my bangs every morning [ehhh]. 

If I don't blow-dry them in the morning, they start to curl and when I wake up they look something like this: [my face says it all...]

Anyway, that's enough talk about hair for one day I'd say :) Now, back to painting...