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New Sheets, New Lamps: Details of my Bedroom

It's been almost two years since we built out our attic into my bedroom, but I finally sprung for a second set of sheets for my bed! [okay, maybe I'm a little more excited about this than you are, but indulge me...] My bedroom isn't really just my bedroom.  It's also the bed of two dogs. As you can see below, Kona won't leave my bed until I've left the room in the morning, while Watson likes to guard the house from the window in my closet.  

Jake, my Scottish Fold, is admiring my new coral sheets from Target.  They're actually organic cotton, which I figured if I'm spending so much time lying in bed each night, I may as well be surrounded by organic materials.  Considering this California King set was only $50, they're incredibly good quality and are pretty much wrinkle free [crumpled pillow cases and sheets are a pet peeve of mine]. 

I also picked up a new pair of lamps for my nightstands. We needed a pair for our downstairs guest room, and since my original pair was a bit too traditional for my taste, I opted for these mid century modern brass lamps from West Elm.  I love the tripod style base [makes it sturdy and difficult for my tricky cats to knock over], and the brass and just overall design is really striking.

I wanted to include some detail shots of my nightstands, since I was taking photos of my new lamps. I keep this candle beside my bed because I adore the scent. I never light it while its in my bedroom though, because I have a fear of leaving a candle burning and falling asleep [this is a legitimate concern!]. But occasionally, I'll just pick it up and take a whiff. The scent is very calming, which helps this sometimes insomniac go to sleep. [the candle is also from Target, but I couldn't find it on their website since I purchased it a couple years ago]

I've also got my hair pins and accessories here [I pin my bangs back a lot, but I like to take all that out before bed so it doesn't damage my hair or gouge an eye out while I'm sleeping [apparently a lot of violent things could potentially happen in my bedroom...]. I also have my newest perfume purchase handy. I'll talk about it more in another post, but let's just say I'm in love with this scent. Much like the candle, I like to spray a bit on my wrists before bed because I find the scent so relaxing. 

I snapped all these photos just this morning with my iPhone [the big SLR is at the studio] and Jake just insisted on getting into every shot.  The few photos he's not in is simply because I literally threw him off the bed [in the most loving way] so I could try and get a decent photo sans kitty.

I don't spend much time in my bedroom other than to sleep, but I do like a bit of laptop time in the mornings or before bed [I know, I know, it's bad to look at a screen just before bed, ehh]. My indigo throw looks quite nice as a backdrop for the laptop, doesn't it?

More Jake. He's a very needy cat.

I did my coffee and laptop thing in bed this morning until about 9:30 [how lovely!], but alas, I need to get on with my day. I've got to finish a pretty sizable project I took on this week at the house [to be discussed later!], but procrastinating by taking photos of your new sheets and lamps is far more interesting right?

I am sleeping at the studio sometimes, but since I'm such a light sleeper and my bed at home is quite possibly the best bed in the world. Okay probably not, but it's one of those memory foam kind of things, and it's marvelous for someone who tosses and turns all night like I do.

I thought I'd also share one photo of the new lamp on, just to show off it's pretty, warm glow. Okay, off to run some errands and get back to my painting project. It's hot in Atlanta.  That is all.